Statistics only tell half the story. Our people tell the rest.

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Urban Alchemy has been an invaluable partner in keeping our city safe, clean and welcoming for all. Every day Urban Alchemy's workers are out on the streets providing essential services and support for so many in our city, and we appreciate their continued partnership in bringing out the best of San Francisco. Mayor London Breed
Urban Alchemy has been an integral partner in our efforts to improve the City’s most challenging public spaces. UA is not only uniquely equipped to manage complex relationships, individuals and spaces, but their practitioners are thought partners in developing strategies aimed at long-term culture change. UA has inspired us to think and work differently and has made a lasting impact in many of our toughest neighborhoods. Amy B. Cohen
Director, Public Space Initiatives Office of Economic and Workforce Development
Urban Alchemy has been an incredible partner. At Middle Ground, the outdoor, free, science education exhibition we created to help San Franciscans understand the cognitive origins of stereotypes and biases, UA Practitioners welcomed visitors, facilitated their learning of social science, and deepened their experiences with personal stories of prison and redemption. The Practitioners were wonderful to work with—always positive and professional, they exuded grace along with a can-do attitude. Thank you Urban Alchemy! Josh Gutwill, PhD
Director of Visitor Research Exploratorium
The Mid-Market corridor is a nexus for the crime, violence and poverty that haunts many of our city neighborhoods, but not all. The Mid-Market corridor is also a cultural hub and a residential district; an area all residents and visitors should feel is a safe, welcoming, vibrant and healthy one. In 2018, A.C.T. developed a prototype contract for Urban Alchemy to deploy Ambassadors for the Strand Cafe during the day, and for performances at both theaters in the evenings. When A.C.T. deployed the UA Ambassadors, the response from patrons, staff and cafe visitors was immediately favorable and encouraging. Feedback indicated that the demeanor, attitude, and carriage of the ambassadors was welcoming, helpful, and felt safe. Eric Brizee
Operations Manager American Conservatory Theater

It takes character, courage and, emotional intelligence to be a Practitioner at Urban Alchemy.

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