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Safe Sleep Villages

In the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, Urban Alchemy stepped in to support the vulnerable in San Francisco. We quickly opened the city’s first Safe Sleeping Village, in addition to the first three Shelter in Place (SIP) hotels, to provide refuge for those struggling with acute addiction, trauma, and mental health issues. 

Each Safe Sleep Village provides overnight guests with toilets, showers, charging stations, three nutritious meals a day, and other amenities. We soon expanded to manage three Safe Sleep Villages in San Francisco including the Fulton Safe Sleep Village (housing 150 per night), the Gough Safe Sleep Village (housing 56 per night), and the Eddy Safe Sleep Village (housing 18 per night). By specializing in trauma-informed care, our Practitioners were uniquely positioned to manage a challenging and complex model. 

Urban Alchemy also works in partnership with the local residents, addressing their concerns and sending outreach teams to respond to antisocial behavior.  As neighbors begin to experience increased peace in their communities, we often see a more welcoming and generous spirit towards Safe Sleep Villages. In June 2021, our success resulted in Urban Alchemy opening the first Los Angeles Safe Sleep Village for over 74 guests in Council District 13. 

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