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Public Space Activation

Urban Alchemy’s Public Space Activation is a new model that’s based on proactive public safety rather than passive security guards. This approach is rooted in the psychology that people are more motivated by reward than punishment. Instead of enforcing rules and monitoring negative behaviour, we demonstrate curiosity and appreciation for the people who live in the community.

Our secret is engagement. We actively form bonds with residents – whether they live in houses or on the streets. We listen to their stories, speak to them with kindness, lead by example, and recognize their value as human beings. The unique lived experiences of Practitioners means that we’re able to interrupt negative behaviour in public spaces through trauma-informed communication and de-escalation practices.

To date, we’ve transformed the social energy in San Francisco’s parks, the area surrounding the Main Library, the Civic Center, Tenderloin neighbourhoods, and even in Los Angeles’ Skid Row. 

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